Drawing Challenge Week 2: The Art of the Self Portrait

History if filled with images of artists in their works. Yes, I’m talking about the self portrait. From da Vinci to Louis Royo, Julie Bell and Boris Vallejo to Raphael and Albrecht Durer. Picasso and van Gogh. Art history is littered with artists faces. Almost all of my paintings (this is Sean) are self portraits because I feel more comfortable messing up the details of my own face than that of someone else’s. 

The challenge this week is to create a self portrait of some sort. Realistic. Minimalistic. Cubism. Abstract. It doesn’t matter what style you choose, it just has to be a representation of yourself.

That being said, a self portrait is a representation of the artist. How we see ourselves and choose to reveal who we are is up to the individual artist.

TIP from Morgan: Get a mirror! Sit and draw yourself! There are tips and tricks to mapping the face. Go with it!

TIP from Sean: If you are going for realism, or something based off of real life, I do suggest using a mirror rather than a picture (as suggested by Morgan). Your eyes will see depth in a mirror, where as in a photograph or image, all you are able to see is a flat surface (it’s the difference between looking at a sculpture in real life and a picture of one on your computer).

Look up and research various artists self portraits for inspiration if you need it. Heck, do it even if you don’t, just so you can see and learn from them.

Please feel free to join us! All are welcome. Please follow these simple steps to send in your drawings and participate.

Challenge 2

Morgan Fisk

I went with the old reliable method of sitting in front of a mirror. The sun was setting and I had beautiful light, but it became challenging rather quickly as it became hard to see!


Sean Kerr

This drawing was mostly done by memory (I’ve drawn myself so many times), but assisted by the use of the reflection off my phone (kinda like a mirror? Right?).

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