Drawing Challenge Week 3: Abstraction from Reality

This week’s challenge comes from Morgan:

Personally, I have had a really rough time trying to wrap my brain around abstraction. The only way I know how is to do that from reality.

Take an image you find aesthetically appealing, and break it down.  You can do this through colors, shapes, or even altering an image to find a new world within an image.

Example: In college I did a painting of a jellyfish’s tentacles. It ended up being a painting I loved, and at the same time was abstract. Altering one’s reality slightly can result into some cool reactions.

Patterns or non patterns found in nature, or a photograph. Take inspiration from the world around you.

Please feel free to join us! All are welcome. Please follow these simple steps to send in your drawings and participate.


” I based this drawing on my son’s crocheted blanket covering him while he slept-a view I have a lot of with a newborn!  I found drawing “abstractly” to be meditative and calming, especially working on the blanket-style patterns.” – B.Ryan


  •  – STKerr

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