Drawing Challenge 2016 Week 2: Polished Still life

Yeah, yeah, I know. But that’s boring! Just hear me out. These kinds of things are fantastic for really discovering how to look. How to observe an object rather than draw what you THINK is there.

Pick an object, or collection of objects to draw. Find some varying textures and sizes. It can be a simple object or a complex one. If you have the ability to set up a staged piece with lights, thats great! If you only have time in the morning to draw your morning cup of coffee, then go for it!

Try about 45 minutes to an hour at the minimum. Try and make a more polished piece.


Please feel free to join us! All are welcome. Please follow these simple steps to send in your drawings and participate.


My still life this week is some detail work of some prayer beads draped over a deer skull. Really, who doesn’t have a deer skull (or three) hanging around? Am I the only weird one? Sounds like it. When I work from life, trying to capture the exact details, I take my time and work slowly. This small drawing took me almost a full hour (right around 55 min).  Then I had to move because my legs started cramping up from sitting on the floor. Then, I couldn’t ever find the correct angle again. – STKerr



Firstly I want to apologize for playing catchup all the time! Life will even out soon and I’ll be a little more reliable! Sorry y’all!


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