Drawing Challenge 2016 Week 3: Character

Many artists create more than just images. They create stories that live and breathe through the lines and shapes on the page. They reveal truths about the world in the shadows and highlights of the page.

This week, draw or create a character that is part of a story you want to tell. This can be an actual character that is already established through a video game, book, movie, comic, or whatever. Or this could be a character that comes out of your own imagination. Give them a name. And a story.

Try to flesh out your character through your drawings. What do they wear? How do they hold themselves? How do they move? Just some things to think about.

Please feel free to join us! All are welcome. Please follow these simple steps to send in your drawings and participate.


This is a character that I have affectionately started calling The Watcher. You may recognize him from a couple weeks ago, from the top corner of the second page in my sketchbook. He is the star character in a larger piece of work that is still in progress. – STKerr

FullSizeRender 4

Hey all! So I have been playing Witcher 3 recently, and these three have provided me with a lot of imaginative fuel. The three are monster hunters, and the game goes into great detail of the history and lore of the creatures they fight. Geralt (pictured top) Is actually the main character, but the bottom two Eskel and Lambert are just as fascinating. I highly suggest playing or reading the novels!

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