Drawing Challenge 2016 Week 4: Hands

The second hardest part of the human figure to draw are hands. The hardest is the face, but we are going to ignore that this week. This week, it’s all about the hands. You know, those prehensile, multi-fingered organs hanging off the ends of your arms? (Thank you wikipedia for the big words.)

The human hand is made up of five fingers (yes, your thumb is a finger) and 27 individual bones. It is responsible for our survival and the frustration of many artists throughout the world. Hands play an important role in communication, body language, and gestures when and where words cannot be used to evoke an emotion, even in art.

This week, the challenge is to draw hands. Or just a hand. Either way, get your digits moving and draw hands! Draw your own hands (or off hand). Draw hands from a picture. Draw your friends hand(s). Draw hands on a figure. Draw it as realistic as you can.

Oh, and have fun!

Please feel free to join us! All are welcome. Please follow these simple steps to send in your drawings and participate.


These were some sketches for a larger piece that I am working on. And funny enough, I didn’t use any of these in the final drawing. – STKerr


Hands from a study I’m working on for a painting.  -Morgan

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