Drawing Challenge 2016: Week 9 Stylized Portrait

Do you have a favorite style or artist that has a distinct style?

The challenge this week is to create a portrait in the style of another artist. This may seem kinda vague but let me put it to you this way.

Imitating another artist, although it may seem redundant and to some people like copying does a few things. It will teach us something about that artist’s process, and insight onto how they work. Regardless if the things you learned from the drawing prove useful for your everyday work, you have gained a physical insight into another person’s repertoire.

If you are trying to find examples to work from think of your favorite artists, or even art movements to find inspiration. Art Nouveau, Baroque, Renaissance, or you can look at modern things like Tattoo design, and cartooning to inspire you.

And please, we are all artists here. Do not straight up copy someone else’s work. Thanks!

Please feel free to join us! All are welcome. Please follow these simple steps to send in your drawings and participate.


So this was rather fun. My first attempt was to do a self portrait kinda like Pablo Picasso’s Minotauromaquia, but I scaled it back a little and just went for something a little simpler. It’s not quite cubism, but definitely not something that I would normally do. That’s what this challenge was about, right? – STKerr


Hey all! I chose to go in the style of Yoshitaka Amano. He did the illustrations for Final Fantasy while I was growing up. It took me awhile to really gain appreciation for it. But Holy cow the layering! Had a blast. I think I will continue to work on it and add layers. I’ll update this picture if it changes! Cheers! – Morgan

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