Week 11: Double Take

I have several old sketchbooks that I have stashed away. Every now and then, I pull them out for inspiration. I copy certain images out of them because they are significant to my journey as an artist. And sometimes I just look at them to see how much I have grown and matured as an artist.

This week, the challenge is to take an older drawing of yours (your definition of older may be a drawing from last week, last year, or from ten years ago) and use it as inspiration for something new. Don’t just copy it, but use it for inspiration to make something completely new.

Have fun with it. And to all the other artists out there, feel free to join us! I know Morgan and I are not the only ones out there.

All are welcome. Please follow these simple steps to send in your drawings and participate.

The drawing on the left is an idea that I jotted down about a year and a half ago. The original idea was a statement on the effects of self harm and the wounds they cause in the lives of those around us. I never got around to completing the original piece. But I took that idea and the imagery of the piece and ran with it. I decided to include a smoke column in the background to emphasize the idea that some choices burn everything to the ground. And this inspired another idea that is currently in the works… – STKerr

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