Week 13: Historical Study

Locate one of your favorite, historical pieces of art. Study it. Copy it. Be inspired by it. Investigate the details and learn from it. The challenge this week is to be inspired by a historical piece of art. 

The key word here is “inspired.” Do not just copy this piece, let it speak to you. Inspire you.

Note: Don’t get caught up in the massive amounts of paintings that are out there. I’d suggest also looking some of the drawings and studies created by the great masters of art. Renaissance Art is a good start, but find something that moves you.

All are welcome to join in on this adventure. Please follow these simple steps to send in your drawings and participate.


So, I focused on the figure of death from Peter Paul Rubens Expulsion from the Garden of Eden. I studied the painting in school and recently rediscovered it. It is a beautiful piece that seems (to me) like a sketch of a painting. I wanted to study some of the details that makes the piece so interesting to me. – STKerr

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