Week 25: Spirit Animal

What is your spirit animal? What animal do you relate with? Are you playful like an otter? Wise like an owl? Or do you take after the moose, a little awkward yet fiercely protective over those you love?

There are several different, fun online tests you can take, but I would caution you not to rely on just one result (I just took 3 tests, got 3 different results). Research what your results reveal about you and have fun with it.

All are welcome to join in on this adventure. Please follow these simple steps to send in your drawings and participate.


I used to relate to the wolf, and still do in a way, but I believe that my spirit animal is actually the Bear. More specifically, the Black Bear. The bear is a grounding spirit and one of personal strength through healing. The spirit of the bear is believed to reveal fearlessness and confidence. It is a protector, but also knows the importance of solitude, silence, rest, balance, and the cycles of nature. The Bear is seen as a force of healing for both ones self and others. – STKerr

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