Week 41: Running Away

Sometimes all we want to do is to get out. We want to move. We want to head out into the unknown. To go on a hike. To hit the road. Go on a road trip. For those of us with wanderlust, we hate to be still.

This week, the challenge is to capture movement.

Drawing movement is a challenge because you are working with a static image. You have to figure out a way to move the eye across the image, while capturing a single moment in time.

Tip: look at examples of other artists. Study how they have used compositions when creating a piece of art. Look at different styles, from classical paintings to the graphic art utilized in comic books and graphic novels.

And remember, drawing is supposed to be fun. So have fun!

Anyone is welcome to join in on this adventure. Please follow these simple steps to send in your drawings and participate.


This is a frame from a larger, comic-book style drawing titled “The Fugitive.” – STKerr

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