Update and Week 44: Superheroes

So, a couple things happened in the past week that we are excited to share.

The first: This week marks our one year anniversary of this crazy adventure that we have created for ourselves. The past year has had many ups and downs. We have had celebrations and trials, but yet we have persevered. We look forwards to another year of creating chaos with y’all.

The second is slightly less noticeable, but is just as exciting. In case you didn’t notice, we now have our own domain name! We are still hosted through wordpress, but now, you can locate us directly by visiting thedrawingchallenge.com.

And lastly, is the most exciting for Sean: The Drawing Challenge will be setting up a table at SC Comicon! On the weekend of the 25-26th of March, join us in Greenville, SC as we join Boarderland Comics and Games as they host an amazing collection of guests and artists, including (but not limited to) legends like Frank Cho, Mark Waid, and local artist and viral star Joe Everson.

sc-comicon-logo If you are free to join us in March, we would love to have you visit our table and meet both Sean and Morgan!

And now, for this weeks drawing challenge, in honor of the news of SC Comicon: Superheroes!

Superheroes come in all shapes and sizes. Some have powerful armor. Others have powers that have changed them. Some cannot die. Others wield the weapons of the gods. And yet others are gods themselves.

We are surrounded by superheroes. We can look into the world of Marvel or DC or, some of my favorites, Valiant Comics. Or, we can look at the everyday people who choose to make a difference through their words and actions.

This week, we are focusing on your traditional superheroes. They are often portrayed in comic books, movies, or in TV shows. Choose your favorite superhero and put them on paper!

Remember, have fun and enjoy the process!

Anyone is welcome to join in on this adventure. Please follow these simple steps to send in your drawings and participate.


Well, my favorite superhero is also an Anti-hero. He is The Punisher. “I couldn’t protect my child from the boogeyman. So I became the boogeyman. I became the monster. I became the Punisher.” – STKerr


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