Week 48: Smoke and Flame

For the past month, the southeast has struggled with smoke-filled skies caused by wildfires in the mountains of Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Tennessee. Over the past couple days, we have seen fires spread, consuming cabins and businesses throughout the mountains of Tennessee.

Fires are nothing new. They have been used in conservation efforts throughout the country and around the world. Indigenous people used fire to clear underbrush and provide fertile grounds for hunting. The western states experience wildfires every year. Communities around the world use fire to survive.

Fire and smoke are difficult to capture because of how they flow and the fact that they are translucent. The challenge of drawing smoke and flames is to create structure within the fire that is realistic, even if the style of drawing is not photo-realism.

This weeks challenge is to draw smoke and/or flames. Do some research. Look at videos and images. Try something new. And remember, to have fun!

Everyone is welcome to join in on this adventure. Please follow these simple steps to send in your drawings and participate.

So, the first drawing (left) is a drawing I did for InkTober several weeks ago. It is a burning tree. The second is a smoke column from a wildfire. – STKerr

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