Week 51: Holiday Spirits

This week (and into next week) is the epicenter of holidays. While many of us will be celebrating Christmas on the 25th (Sunday), there is also the Winter Solstice on the 21st, Chanukah on the 24th, Boxing Day and Kwanzaa on the 26th. Around the world, there are hundreds, if not thousands of different traditions that occur over the holidays.

This week, the challenge is to illustrate a holiday tradition that you personally do not celebrate (or take part in).

Do your research. And treat your drawing with respect. And remember to have fun. And enjoy the holidays!

Everyone is welcome to join in on this adventure. Please follow these simple steps to send in your drawings and participate.


So I drew up the little companion of St Nicholas, Krampus. According to legends, where St Nick would give out gifts to the “good kids,” Krampus would hit the “naughty” children with birch sticks, grab ’em by the ear, and stuff ’em into his basket where (depending on which legend you want to follow) he dragged ’em off to hell. Or he ate them? Krampus is mostly found in rural Germany (if the internet can be trusted), but he is beginning to become more and more popular over the years. – STKerr

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