2017 Week 1: New Beginnings

Happy New Years everyone! We survived another year and look forward to all the things that this new year will bring.

Many of us are starting the new year with a purpose, with our new year’s resolutions. We commit to ourselves to be healthier, more mindful of our habits, happier. We declare to to ourselves and the world that we will change our habits, begin to form new routines, and end destructive habits. And through out the next year, we will fight, and at times struggle, to maintain these goals we have set for ourselves.

We know many artists who have left the world of art school and entered the “real” world of every day life. And in the process they have placed their creativity to the side. We have abandoned our sketchbooks and drawing pens and pencils, not to mention our easels and canvases. Many of the ideas that are in our heads never make it onto the page.

This first week of the year, we want to challenge you to commit yourselves to rediscover the creativity that was put on hold when life got in the way. If you ever called yourself an artist, carried a sketchbook, or ever had a desire to learn how to draw, we challenge you to grab some paper (or a sketchbook) and put marks onto the page.

As we start a new year, the challenge is to take 5-10 min out of your week and put marks onto a page. Call it a full scale drawing or a sketch. Or a jumble of thoughts. Or whatever else you want too. But whatever you do, do it with the purpose to commit to discover (or rediscover) the artist within you.

You do not have to call yourself an artist to join in on this journey. We all started by putting the pen or pencil to the page and discovered where it went from there! And don’t stress out about it; have fun and enjoy the process!

Please follow these simple steps to submit in your drawings to be shared!


This was a drawing that I originally sketched out in pencil and then went over it in pen. It originally wasn’t going to be this image, but as I was sketching, it just came out and I ran with it. – STKerr

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