2017 Week 3: Negative Space

Back while Sean was studying in college, he had the opportunity to take a drawing class with a professor everyone knew by her first names, but everyone referred to her as Dr. Dash (as she had a hyphenated first and last name). In that Drawing I class, one of the assignments was to take note of the blank spaces between the subjects of a drawing. Instead of drawing the still-life, the class was looking at and drawing the negative space between the mannequins and other items scattered on the platform.


He recently rediscovered his portfolio from Drawing I at Anderson University (circa 2008) and decided that this would make a great starting point for this weeks challenge.

The challenge is to create a drawing that utilizes negative space in a creative or unique way. If you want, use the negative space in a still life for inspiration.

Or, if you want to keep it simple and quick, have fun and do the Negative Space exercise from Sean’s Drawing I class (set up a still life and only draw the negative space between the items).

Either way, this week its all about noticing the negative space on the page and utilizing it. And having fun, because that is what art is about!

If you are interested in joining in on this crazy journey, please follow these simple steps to submit in your drawings to be shared!


I was playing around with the idea of using the negative space as a character in the drawing. I’m not exactly sure how it turned out yet…. – STKerr

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