2017 Week 5: Minimalism

A lot of times, art students are instructed to fill the image with color. To fill the page with marks to make the image come to life. We add backgrounds. We add detail. We dive into the depths of the page to push forth our creativity. But sometimes, we forget to scale ourselves back.

This week, it’s all about simplifying what we create. It’s about using our marks in a very specific and purposeful way. Instead of filling the page with marks, the challenge is to create a drawing with minimal usage of whatever medium you choose to use.

Don’t be afraid to use an eraser. To plan out your marks on the page. But choose something that makes you happy. And remember to have fun!

If you are interested in joining in, please follow these simple steps to submit in your drawings to be shared!


Not exactly as I envisioned it coming out. It is what it is. – STKerr

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