2017 Week 8: Folds

Look down at your shirt. Look at how your pants (or skirt or dress) flows behind your knees. Look at how the fabric twists and turns along the body. Look over at your blanket or quilt that lies rumpled on your bed (before you take the time to make it). See the patterns and lines that topple over one another.

Many artists in the past have used fabric in their drawing, taking time to study the way it moves and folds over an object. Hours, if not days, were spent just observing and sketching out the folds of a piece of fabric.

This week, we take a lesson from the past. This week, create a drawing that incorporates the folds of fabric. This can be clothing that rests on a figure, a still life, or just a study of fabric you see around you.

If you are interested in joining in, please follow these simple steps to submit in your drawings to be shared!


A drawing based on a photograph from Fell and Fair Productions. I’m still not sure if I am completely satisfied with the fabric at this point. I’d be surprised if I don’t go back and edit it some more. – STKerr

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