2017 Week 9: Blind Contour

Many times artists become so focused on perfecting their craft that they loose focus on the details that are in front of them. While drawing something in front of them, they end up looking more at the page, their drawing. They forget to see the details and focus on filling in the page with what works.

In many drawing classes, blind contour drawings are used as a technique to refocus on what is in front of us. Many artists use this exercise as a warm up before diving into a larger drawing.

The idea is to not look at the page as you are drawing. Fix your eyes on the outline of the object you are about to draw. As your eyes track the edges of the object, move the pen (or pencil) along the page drawing the contour of what your eyes are seeing. Do this slowly, in a single, continuous line.

This week, try to take several minutes and create a blind contour drawing. Don’t be worried if your drawing looks funny or doesn’t look perfect, that is not the point. This process allows us to get our eyes and hands working together.

If you are interested in joining in, please follow these simple steps to submit in your drawings to be shared!


I know it doesn’t look like it, but this is two of my coworkers sitting in chairs in their pod. The drawing got interrupted a couple times due to having to dispatch emergency personnel to calls, but I enjoyed the process. – STKerr

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