Week 14: Cross Hatching

Cross hatching is a method of shading where you use a series of lines to get lighter and darker shades of gray. Basically, it is a method of using series of parallel lines at different angles to add depth and form to a drawing. It is used mostly with pen and ink drawings, but artists have used this technique with various types of mediums.

There are several tutorials you can find online, but the basics are as follows: Once the first layer of parallel lines are down the second layer of lines goes perpendicular to those (at a right angle or 90 degrees), making a cross. The next two layers go at 45 degree angles to the first. If more are needed (you want to make it darker) add more lines , making sure not to go in the exact path of a previous set of parallel lines.

This weeks challenge is to practice the technique of cross hatching. Subject matter is open.

If you are interested in joining in, even if it is your first time, We’d love to have you! Please follow these simple steps to submit in your drawings to be shared!


This is part of a larger drawing that I recently finished. Instead of the traditional shading that I thought I wanted to go with when I originally sketched out the image, I chose to utilize cross hatching. And I think it came out really beautifully
– STKerr

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