Join Us

This adventure was created by two cousins, but it was not meant to be shared alone. We would like to invite anyone to join us in this challenge. If you want to share your drawings, there are a couple hoops to jump through and rules to follow:

First, this is a family oriented operation. There will be a zero tolerance for inappropriate behavior. Please refrain from the use of vulgar language, inappropriate images, or blatant disregard when it comes to respecting those who are participating in this drawing challenge.

If you choose to participate and want to submit your drawings to be shared through this blog and our Facebook page, there are a couple ways to do so. The first is as follows:
– Take a photo of your drawing (does not need to be professional, but make sure you can see your work)
– Rename the image with your name (or Alias) and challenge number (ex: STKerr_1 or Morgan1). Your name may be shared alongside your drawing.
– E-mail it to us at
– OPTIONAL: Include a small blurb (2-3 sentences max) about your thoughts on the challenge that you would want shared with your image.
– Give us time to upload it to the blog and/or Facebook! (note: uploads usually take place at the same time as the weekly challenge update)
– If you do not want us sharing your work on Facebook, please let us know. (another note: not all the drawings will be shared on Facebook)

Or you can post directly in the comments section on the Facebook page (we share each challenge on the page).

We highly encourage you to process these challenges. Write out your thoughts. If you are up to it, we encourage to document your own journey as an artist yourself. Start a blog to explain your process and journey as an artist. Share your work on Facebook (or Instagram). Keep a sketchbook. And whatever you do, keep drawing.

There is some semi-legal stuff that we have to go over, so please be patient: By submitting your images to us (The Drawing Challenge), you are giving us permission to post your work here and on Facebook for the world to see. It is still yours. We will not claim it as our own. We reserve the right NOT to share or remove any entry for any reason, without discussion or explanation.

There may be times when we (Morgan and/or Sean) comment on some of the submissions. These small critiques are designed to challenge you as an artist and provide constructive feedback, observations, and/or opinions. It is our goal to challenge one another and build each other up. Please do not take offense to anything we say, we mean it with love.

PLEASE NOTE: You can jump in and join at any time you wish. If you want to do previous challenges, go ahead and send them! It may take us a little while to get them up onto the blog, but we will try to stay on top of things to the best of our abilities.